KrosschecK™: Horse limb sensitivity test
KrosschecK™: Horse limb sensitivity test
KrosschecK™: Horse limb sensitivity test

KrosschecK™: Horse limb sensitivity test

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The KrosschecK™ Leverage Test Device (KLTD) is designed as a complementary workup tool for veterinarians and farriers.

Detect the signs of suffering to better treat with this tool. In alliance with your observations and your expertise, you are able to apply the best care to your clients' horses.

This tool attaches easily and comfortably to a horse's foot using special rubber straps. Once under the hoof, the ground surface side dial is easily rotated to 8 different locations.

By raising different places around the hoof, you can influence the different soft tissue structures in, and around the distal interphalangeal joint, as well as the articular surface itself.

Discomfort and comfort can be illustrated by the horse with the dial wedged into a given position. This information is very valuable to accompany you in your diagnostic hypotheses (tendinitis, desmite...) but especially on what it will take to put the horse at ease and put the horse in a better environment to heal.
This tool helps to monitor the horse's health.

With KrosschecK™ reveal the pains of the limbs of the horses you follow to provide them with the best care.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
US farrier
This is a great addition

This is a great addition to any farriers tools. Krosscheck is much easier to use than the board lever method. It has helped me on several horses that were hard to figure out and the data collection was so easy for my clients to understand, they enjoyed the process. I have seen several shoers defer from the instructions so I recommend watching the video and maybe a couple of times if needed.

US farrier
Love it!

Love it! It's part of my everyday shoeing. Helps me increase the comfort level of the horses I'm working on. And helps clients see how leverage can work for or against a horse.

Awesome information-gathering tool to help

Awesome information-gathering tool to help make the best trimming/shoeing decisions for the horse.

Christopher Wiggins
A must have tool for my business

I have been using the KrossCheck leverage testing system for over ten years now and have found it to be invaluable and it is a must have tool for my business.

It has many benefits from giving the horse the opportunity to indicate what problems it may have to which treatment packages might be the best suited for the problem.

I find it particularly helpful when working on horses after they have had an MRI.

Many MRI reports show multiple injuries with each one needing opposing shoeing treatments and for me the KrossCheck clearly indicates which one is needing the greatest help.

It has also been useful for tracking the improvement of cases over several visits. Clients love to see how this works and helps their horse.

I have found the KrossCheck an easy-to-use product, well made and exceptionally durable I would not be without it.

Mathew Staples
An important part of my evaluation into lameness cases

I have been using the KrossCheck leverage testing boots for about 10 years now after seeing them used at a Equine Lameness Prevention Organization clinic hosted by Total Foot Protection Ltd

The KrossCheck boots quickly became an important part of my evaluation into lameness cases.

Leverage testing horses is not a new concept, but these boots make the job extremely easy to do and with pinpoint accuracy. They provide me with information of what the horse likes and dislikes.

This has saved me on several occasions from making poor decisions with my shoeing plan, i.e. looking at a foot that I thought needed heel elevation, instead of jumping in and providing the horse with what I thought it needed I have been able to ask the question to the horse if it likes heel elevation and in a handful of cases the answer given has been a NO .. These horses have later been diagnosed with high ringbone and raising the heel was pushing them into the arthritic changes, of-course causing more discomfort!

They have also provided me with confidence to pick out horses that benefit from asymmetric lifts, where the concept was completely foreign to me prior to using the KrossCheck system.

I have also found them to be a valuable tool for complicated cases with a multitude of structures involved they help me to navigate what is the most significant issue at ”this moment in time.” As a result, the information they provide, helps me to focus on building a shoeing package bespoke to each foot and fine tune my application.

KrossCheck leverage testing boots have become a vital tool in my toolbox.

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