Tendiboots™ equine 2024: Gait analysis assessment for horses
Tendiboots™ equine 2024: Gait analysis assessment for horses
Tendiboots™ equine 2024: Gait analysis assessment for horses
Tendiboots™ equine 2024: Gait analysis assessment for horses

Tendiboots™ equine 2024: Gait analysis assessment for horses

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Discover the new generation Tendiboots™ to help you monitor horse locomotion!

Still so easy to use, the connected front and rear boots benefit from the experience of thousands of analyzes by equine veterinarians who use them in their practice.
For this new version, you benefit from the results of the use of more than 200 equipped practitioners worldwide.

As quick to put on as classic Veredus protection boots, you collect many new objective parameters to complement your visual and clinical observations.

In a few seconds, you collect information on the biomechanical functioning of your horses and visualize in an instant the asymmetries and compensations phenomenons that may be unnoticed.

Help in the early detection of locomotor disorders (tendinitis, desmitis, etc.), rehabilitation follow-up, monitoring of the horse athlete... this system accompanies you everywhere during your orthopedics consultations and locomotor monitoring, whether in the equine clinic or on mobile consultation.


  • 1x pair of Tendiboots™ forelimbs
  • 1x pair of Tendiboots ™ hindlimbs
  • 1x carrying case
  • 1x USB charger
  • 4x USB cables
  • 1x measuring tape

Operate in Bluetooth, free mobile application and without subscription, autonomy of 30 days.

For veterinary use as part of a musculoskeletal examination only. These boots are not suitable for use at work for protective purposes.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Dr Hélio Itapema
A cool tool

Tendiboots is a very useful tool for lameness diagnostics. It detailed asymmetries horses may present with multiple parameters (stride length, weight distribution...) We use it to objectify gait improvement before/after nerve blocks, chiropractic & farriery.

Subclinical data & customer illustration

In general I've really liked having my tendiboots. I find them most helpful in subclinical lameness cases and the owners have really liked having a concrete way to track their horse's progress.

Rachel C. Worthington
Helpful in clinical routine

The use of Tendiboots allows asymmetries to be quantified and provides data that is very helpful in clinical routine and in challenging cases.
Its use is practical and horses accept the placement of the equipment very well.
Customer support was essential for us to start using this technology and continues to be very fast and satisfactory.
We continue to study a lot about biomechanics to understand the data provided case by case. This is the complex part when we use it to investigate challenging cases.
Tendiboots is working very fast and providing data clearly, causing less errors with the latest updates!

Dr. G.P
New app version

This new version works fast as a Ferrari! Big change!

Easy to use and different from other systems on the market

Tendiboots™ are fast and easy to use. I have especially been appreciative that it analyses the walk. That’s what drew me to this product because other gait analysis software programs only analyze the trot.

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