Tendiboots™ Complete system: Gait analysis for horses
Tendiboots™ Complete system: Gait analysis for horses
Tendiboots™ Complete system: Gait analysis for horses
Tendiboots™ Complete system: Gait analysis for horses

Tendiboots™ Complete system: Gait analysis for horses

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Tendiboots™ the new assistant for equine veterinarians in monitoring horse locomotion!

This simple tool (connected horseboots for frontlimbs and hindlimbs) is nevertheless a concentrate of patented technology developed to support horse locomotion specialists.

In a word you!

It is with the support of the famous Italian company Veredus that we have been able to develop horseboots that provide you with objective information in a few moments on your smartphone, via its horse tracking application.

It is thanks to years spent alongside veterinarians from all walks of life that we have been able to understand your perpetual search for performance and efficiency for the well-being of the horses you follow.

With Tendiboots, you now have an assistant everywhere with you, in the clinic as well as on mobile for your orthopedic consultations and locomotor follow-ups.

The connected boots allow you quickly and easily to obtain complementary information to your visual observations and to quantify the evolution of the locomotion.

You can illustrate to the owners how the horse evolves over time thanks to the histories that we offer.

The mobile horse health tracking app is free, and allows you to connect via Bluetooth to your Tendiboots™ in an instant.

Thanks to their quick fasteners, the horseboots fit on the horse very easily and quickly like classic protective boots. Your consultations remain efficient and precise, supplemented by data from your digital assistant.

Your Tendiboots™ are operational for at least 5 days when fully charged.

Your customers trust you for the health of their horses, trust Tendiboots™ to support you in your practice in the digital age.

 Included :

  • 1x pair of Tendiboots™ Anterior
  • 1x pair of Tendiboots ™ Posterior
  • 1x carrying case
  • 1x USB charger
  • 2x USB cables
  • 1x measuring tape
  • 1x user manual


For veterinary use as part of a musculoskeletal examination only. These horseboots are not suitable for use at work for protective purposes.


The displayed price is exclusive of tax.

Delivery time complete system: 6 weeks

Requires a smartphone supporting Bluetooth 5.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Dr Rodrigo Riba de Ave
Des données subtiles pour orienter mes recherches diagnostics

Les données des Tendiboots me sont particulièrement utiles pour des détections fines et précoces. Je connais les chevaux que je suis à quasiment 100%, les guêtres sont utiles pour orienter la recherche diagnostic dans les derniers % que l'on ne détecte pas à l'œil nu. Les clients apprécient aussi l'outil car ils ne voient pas toujours les améliorations de la locomotion lors des anesthésies étagées par exemple. Avec des chiffres cela peut les aider à mieux comprendre.
C'est une technologie qui est selon moi à vraiment utiliser par le vétérinaire, car pour bien utiliser les données, il faut les intégrer dans une observation globale du cheval, ce qui est notre rôle en tant que professionnel.

Mise en évidence & suivi

Utile pour mettre en évidence les problèmes subcliniques, évaluer les améliorations post-thérapie et/ou post-ferrage, surveiller l'état de santé des chevaux performants.

Dusan Radojicic, DVM
A future for this kind of sensors

We do a lot of examinations with the Tendiboots at the moment. I had some interesting findings recently. At first I wasn’t able to detect lameness at the straight line myself. Boots did detect lameness at straight line. I was able then to detect lameness on the longe left hand (fore left), and the boots confirmed that. After palmar block we saw and the boots an impressive improvement fore left. So I think there is a future for this kind of sensors.

Dr Elodie Durand

Les guêtres ont été bien utiles car elles m'ont permises d'être plus objective sur la boiterie d'un cheval, surtout après l'anesthésie diagnostique. Je les utilise également pour faire du suivi locomoteur.

Pferdepraxis Dr Dorian Bindler

Mit diesem Werkzeug, kann ich bei jeder Kontrolle eine erneute Messung durchführen und so den Heilungsverlauf und das ansprechen auf die Therapie überwachen. Zum Beispiel Die Daten sagen (dieses pferd hat eine FEESELTRÄGERURSPRUNGSZERRUNG vorne rechts) : weniger Gewichtsaufnahme VR, verkürzte Belastrungsphase VR, verkürzter Schritt

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